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Neonatal vaccinations

Your midwife will let you know if your baby meets the criteria for a BCG vaccination or a Hepatitis B vaccination.


This vaccine protects against tuberculosis also known as TB. At Frimley Health we offer a targeted BCG vaccination programme. This means if the parents or grandparents of your baby were born in a country where the incidence of TB is high we would offer the BCG vaccination on the postnatal ward after birth.

Click here for more information about the BCG vaccination for babies. 

Hepatitis B

Newborn babies start the Hepatitis B vaccination programme at birth, only if their mother or father is Hepatitis B positive. All other babies will be offered Hepatitis B vaccination as part of the routine schedule that start when your baby is 8 weeks old.

Click here for more information about the Hepatitis B vaccination for babies. 


Other vaccinations for your baby will be discussed at your 6 week GP check, or with your  Health Visitor. Click here for the routine NHS vaccination schedule and for some essential advice about childhood vaccinations, visit Frimley Healthier Together.