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If you think you are in labour please contact either Frimley Park Hospital labour ward triage on  01276 604527 or Wexham Park Hospital Maternity Assessment Centre on 01753 634520 where you can speak to a midwife who will be able to give you individual advice.

No one can book the pool as you only use the pool once in established labour. You can mention when coming in that you would like to use it but if you feel very strongly that you want a pool, you may wish to think about hiring one for use at home

The maternity unit is in a teaching hospital and will have student midwives fully supported by midwives. We also support medical students. You can request not to have a student looking after you if you wish.

Whilst you are on the labour ward your partner can stay. Unfortunately this is not possible on the antenatal and postnatal wards as we have to respect the privacy of all the women. However in exceptional circumstances, such as the baby being on the special care unit, this can be negotiated if required.

You can book an amenity room on the postnatal ward but not in advance. Ask the midwife after the birth of your baby to try and book an amenity room for you (please note that the rooms at Frimley Park Hospital do not currently have en-suite facilities). You will be charged on a nightly basis and a bill will be sent to you at home once you have left the hospital.

If the birth was normal and all is well, mum and baby could go home within six hours of giving birth. Mothers who have a caesarean may be able to go home after 24 hours depending on how well they are.

If you live in the Frimley Health and Care area you can have free access to four online parenting guides which include top tips from childcare, education and NHS health experts. Register for our online guides – click here