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Who to call if I am worried about myself or my baby?


Any concerns?

If not pregnancy related, please contact you own GP.


If you are not in labour, and have concerns related to your pregnancy call 0300 013 2004.

In labour? 

If you are in labour, have vaginal bleeding, abdominal pain, reduced fetal movements, waters breaking or any concerns about your pregnancy call 0300 013 2004 

I have a maternity related question but I am not worried?

If you are not in labour and you are not concerned but still wish to speak to a midwife, please contact your own midwife.

Remember, you midwife may not be able to check her phone every day, or may be on annual leave and will contact you once back at work.

Please call the hospital you are booked to give birth at

For any life threatening emergency, call 999 as usual


You may experience a number of symptoms during pregnancy. Most of these are normal and will not harm you or your baby but if they are severe or you are worried about them speak to your midwife or doctor. You may feel some tiredness, sickness, headaches or other mild aches and pains, or have heartburn constipation or haemorrhoids. There may also be some mild swelling of the face, hands or ankles and varicose veins may develop in the latter stages of pregnancy.


When to call / see your GP

  • Illness not associated with pregnancy
  • Vaginal bleeding before 16 weeks of pregnancy
  • General malaise/feeling unwell
  • Diarrhoea
  • Vomiting
  • Aches and pains if you are concerned
  • Urine infection
  • Immunisations


When to call the hospital