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Exercise in pregnancy


Pregnancy can be a good opportunity to improve your physical fitness. If you already exercise it is safe to continue as long as you feel well. The more active you are during your pregnancy the easier you will find it to adjust to the naturally occurring changes in pregnancy including a change in shape and weight gain. It will also help you to cope with labour and get back into shape after your baby is born.



Tips for exercising in pregnancy


Do's Dont's
• If you are new to exercising start gently and build up gradually • Do not participate in any contact sports
• Always warm up before starting exercising and cool down after exercising • Do not lie flat on your back for prolonged periods of time especially after 16 weeks
• Always stop if something hurts • Do not exercise at high altitudes (heights over 2,500m above sea level) until you have had a    chance to acclimatise
• Let your instructor know that you are pregnant • Do not go scuba diving
• Avoid overheating • Do not use saunas
• Drink plenty of water  


For further advice please speak to your midwife or GP.


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