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Frimley Park Hospital

Frimley Park Hospital is located less than one mile northeast of Frimley and three miles southeast of Camberley on Portsmouth Road. For information on Frimley Park Hospital including transport and parking please click on the photo below.

To view a virtual tour of our maternity unit, scroll down to the bottom of this page.


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Our maternity services

                          CQC Rating

             Birth rate (2020-2021) 5115
             Breast Feeding Accreditation                  
         Place of birth options

Labour ward
Co-located birth centre
Home birth

         Pain relief options

Birth pool
Remifentanil (when clinically indicated only)
Non-pharmacological (birth ball, hypnobirthing, birth mat)

           Other facilities

Bereavement suite

     Specialist Midwifery Teams

Antenatal screening
Infant feeding
Perinatal mental health
Home birth team

               Neonatal facilities

Neonatal Unit level 2

See here for more information about our neonatal services

Transitional care unit

                        Antenatal classes Online Parent Information

Take a virtual tour

(The following was filmed before the onset of Covid-19.)