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Pregnancy complications

Although the majority of women will have no complications in pregnancy and will be cared for by a midwife, in some women complications can arise. The information within this section aims to provide you with information about some of the complications that can occur in pregnancy.  Your pregnancy care is personalised to your individual needs as they arise, so should your pregnancy be affected by any of these conditions a member of your health care team will discuss with you how this may affect your pregnancy, your baby and birth choices.

At both our hospitals we have a specialist team of obstetric doctors who will care for you alongside your midwife if you have any risks or complications. If you require input from them, you will have a named consultant obstetrician who will lead your care. You may see the consultant or a member of their team. They will provide you with information so that you can make the right decisions for your pregnancy to keep you and your baby safe and well. You will also carry on seeing your midwife.