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Baby loss

Although pregnancy and childbirth is safer now than ever before, not all pregnancies have the happy ending hoped for. It is always a very sad and difficult time when families are faced with unexpected loss and parents can be left feeling vulnerable, angry and confused.

In the UK around 12,000 families a year will experience the tragic loss of babies either due to stillbirth, miscarriage or neonatal death. Here, at Frimley Health, we care for about 150 families a year who encounter this devastating and life changing experience.

Unfortunately, we can’t take away the pain of loss, but we do all we can to support families at this difficult time. Frimley Health has a dedicated team of bereavement midwives able to help. The team provides practical guidance, information and emotional support to families affected by baby loss. Please click on the link below for either Frimley Park or Wexham Park Hospital for site specific information.


Frimley Park Hospital Wexham Park Hospital


Forget-Me-Not Frimley Maternal Mental Health Service

Forget-Me-Not is a therapy service for individuals who are experiencing difficulties with their mental health after miscarriage and pregnancy loss within the first 24 weeks of pregnancy, including loss following assisted conception. We are passionate about, and dedicated to, supporting women/birthing people through this difficult time in their lives. We work with individuals over the age of 18 years old and living in East Berkshire, Surrey Heath, North-East Hampshire and Farnham. The first six weeks following a loss can be particularly difficult and it may not be helpful to offer professional therapy during this time due to the natural process that grief can take. If you feel that therapeutic support may be helpful after this initial 6-week period then please ask you GP, midwife, or other healthcare professional to make a referral to the Forget-Me-Not Service. We are currently unable to accept self-referrals.

For further information on our Forget-Me-Not service, click here.

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