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Preparing your hospital bag

The items listed below are suggestions only. Please be aware that space on the wards can be limited so it is a good idea to pack the minimum and have things taken home and brought in as required.

What to pack for you

Maternity notes Dressing gown
Music Slip on slippers
Massage oil/lotion Socks
Birthing ball and pump Night wear
Lip balm Spare knickers
Your own pillow Maternity pads
TENS machine Day wear
Snack and drinks Breast pads
Things to keep you occupied Towel
Eye mask and ear plugs Nursing bra
Camera Toiletries


What your birthing partner can bring

Water spray Comfy shoes
Hand held fan Change of clothes
Money - change for parking, vending machines Swim wear (if using the birthing pool)
Snacks and drinks  


What to pack for your baby

Vests (x2) Sleepsuits (x2)
Outfit for going home Hat
Jacket/ snow suit (winter only) Baby blanket
Disposable nappies Cotton wool
Muslin square If you are planning on bottle feeding: ready-made formula in disposable cartons, plus bottles and teats.


Some useful items to prepare at home

If you are struggling financially with any of this, please speak to your midwife for support.

Baby car seat Appropriate seasonal clothing for baby
Pram / buggy / travel carrier Change of clothes
Cot / moses basket Equipment for bathing baby
Sterilising equipment