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Online library of trusted Apps to support people's health and wellbeing

A range of trusted health apps is now available to residents of Frimley Health and Care to support them during the coronavirus lockdown – and beyond.

Covering physical and mental health, the apps include all manner of conditions and concerns, from asthma to stress, with support just a click away.

The national lockdown has meant that many people cannot access the same health and wellbeing resources they did before, such as gyms or group exercise or therapy sessions. With everyone having to exercise or care for themselves alone or in household groups, there is now a greater reliance on online resources.

Isolation and uncertainty over the continuing lockdown have also caused or increased a sense of anxiety for many people too.

Because the apps have all been tested and approved by the Organisation for the Review of Care and Health Apps (ORCHA), people can be sure that the information they’re getting is reliable.

Dr Priya Kumar, partner at the Kumar Medical Centre in Slough, said: “Many patients we are currently speaking to are understandably anxious, and therefore providing apps that help with stress and worries could be really beneficial to enable them to take better care of themselves at home.

“It is great to be able to offer a library of quality, trusted apps for people to choose from, to help maintain their health and wellbeing.”

Bad advice can be worse for people than no advice at all, and with so many sources of information now available online, it can be confusing for people to know which apps they can trust. ORCHA was founded by NHS clinicians in response to this situation and is now the world’s leading health app evaluation and distribution organisation

Examples of the apps that it has approved are:

  • Wysa: Offering a mental health and wellbeing package to support the population not only now, but when this pandemic passes and the emotional effect remains. NHS front line staff can register free for access to premium tools and custom COVID-19 anxiety packages.
  • Sleepio: A digital programme scientifically proven to help you sleep well without taking medication. Supporting the COVID-19 efforts. Sleepio is also currently free for all NHS staff.

The App Library can be found at:

The library is launching with a range of accredited apps particularly relevant during the COVID-19 pandemic such as those to help manage anxiety, stress, sleep and general wellbeing.  There are also apps to help people manage specific conditions such as their asthma or diabetes. Any app offering special pricing or implementation approaches to support the COVID-19 challenge also feature a ‘COVID-19’ label in the library, so that users can spot any special offers or approaches. More apps are being tested and those that meet the relevant quality thresholds will be added to the library.

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