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COVID-19 testing for essential workers

To be eligible to be tested for COVID19, you must be; an essential worker* with COVID-19 symptoms, or someone (adult or child) who lives with an essential worker and has symptoms. The testing needs to be conducted within three days of symptoms developing, although testing can be effective up to day five.

Locally, the Frimley Health and Care Integrated Care System have extended the availability of COVID-19 testing to a wide range of essential workers who play a vital role in caring for our local populations. This offers additional local testing facilities above and beyond the national staff testing offer.

By increasing access to testing for a wide range of staff and their families who live in the same household, who have symptoms of Covid-19, we hope this will enable many of our essential workers to return to work, boosting staffing levels and helping to maintain critical services. We encourage staff to take up the offer.

Essential workers can access staff testing in three ways;

  1. A referral by their employer to locally-managed testing via email or phone 03000 770 007
  2. A self-referral to the national testing scheme
  3. A referral by their employer to the national testing scheme. In order to obtain a login, employers of essential workers should email:

Social Care workers and NHS workers without symptoms can choose either of the national routes.

Where appropriate, we would like to encourage our staff and their family/household members, to take up the offer of COVID19 testing.  

*Essential workers include, but are not limited to:

  • Health Services – Primary Care(General Practice, Pharmacists etc) Community and Secondary Care (Secondary Care are operating an agreed parallel testing offer) including Hospices, Independent sector and smaller community providers
  • Community and Local Authority - Social care, Care providers, Special school and school staff, Carers including essential volunteers
  • First responders – including paramedics, firefighters and police
  • Additional groups - Funeral Directors, Coroners

(The full government list can be found at:

Frimley Health and Care