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Your A Level results are in. What next?

The last year has shown that a career in the NHS can be challenging but it is also hugely rewarding. 

If you’re receiving your A-Level Results today, and looking for a career that can change lives, then consider the NHS. Degrees in nursing and midwifery, and Allied Health subjects are all varied, exciting and challenging in equal measure.

Applicants to nursing courses, as well as those studying toward a qualifying degree for allied health professions or midwifery, will benefit from additional funding to support their studies and are highly employable.

Once qualified, you could work directly with patients, in hospitals, an ambulance trust, or in the community and your supportive NHS team will work with you to develop your career opportunities.

Healthcare support worker roles, accessible without a degree or any previous healthcare experience, are also in demand.

Search NHS Careers for more information on available roles.

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