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Covid-19 vaccination: One year on

On Wednesday, 15th December we marked a year since the first Covid-19 vaccinations were given in the community within Frimley Health and Care.

When 81-year-old Brian Duke received his first dose of the vaccine at Yateley on 15th December, 2020, it was the start of the largest vaccination programme any local service has ever known.

Since that date more than 1,300,000 vaccine doses have been administered within our health and care system alone, thanks to heroic efforts by vaccination teams, made up of clinicians, administrators and many, many volunteers.

People have been working through their holidays, on their days off, on maternity leave, all to ensure that their communities can be better protected against coronavirus.

Yet not only does the work carry on, we're picking up the pace of the programme.

With the omicron variant of the virus spreading rapidly, it's vital that people get the all-important booster as soon as they can, so we're answering the Government's call and extending clinic opening hours and recruiting yet more volunteers and redeploying health and care staff to support the effort.

If you haven't had your booster, please take up the opportunity, either by responding to the invitation from your GP practice or by using the national booking system. If you haven't had your first dose yet, please use the national system to book an appointment as soon as possible.

In Yateley, where the community vaccination all started for us, local vaccination lead Dr Gareth Robinson is letting his patients know that he and his team are ready and waiting for them.

Frimley Health and Care