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Out-of-hours GP service move

The out-of-hours GP service for East Berkshire residents is moving a small distance to make big improvements to what it can offer local people.

Better parking and public transport links, and a consolidation of staff and services are just some of the benefits to the service from moving barely 400 yards from its current base.

The service provides GP services to local people outside normal GP practice operating hours i.e. overnight and at weekends and is accessed via NHS111.

From Wednesday, 1 December, face-to-face patient appointments will be provided at Chapel Medical Centre, at the Upton Hospital site in Slough. Until now the service has been seeing patients at Herschel Medical Centre, in nearby Osborne Street.

East Berkshire Primary Care, which provides the service, is consolidating its services from the two locations into one, which, in addition to the direct patient improvements, will bring improvements in IT systems and infrastructure, indirectly benefiting service users.

Patrick Rogan, CEO of East Berkshire Primary Care, said: “Our local NHS commissioners - Frimley Clinical Commissioning Group, have commissioned East Berkshire Primary Care to deliver primary care services from the Chapel Medical Centre for a number of years now.

“At the same time however, we were also providing the out-of-hours cover from a different site. Housing both services under the same roof means that we are more resilient, as all our staff are on the same site and we have recently invested in a great IT/telephony system, which now both services can benefit from.”

Frimley CCG has worked with the service and is supporting the move, because of the clear and immediate improvements it will bring.

Tracey Faraday-Drake, Executive Managing Director, Slough, Frimley CCG, said “In terms of patient experience, there are clear benefits of housing the out-of-hours service at the Chapel Medical Centre: There is parking on-site, including marked disabled bays; when needed, ambulances can park right by the access to Chapel MC. There is also enhanced access by public transport as there is a bus stop right outside.

“Inside, the Chapel Medical Centre has enhanced infection prevention and control measures in place due to the new seating arrangement in place, and our disabled patients will benefit from the additional space in the waiting room as well as dedicated toilet facilities.”

A virtual tour of the new location is available on the here aimed at helping local residents who may use the service, including non-English speakers and patients with learning disabilities, to understand the layout of the building.

Routine primary care services provided out of Herschel Medical Centre will remain in place. This change is only in relation to the face to face provision of Out of Hours appointments.


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