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Sharing #DiabetesStories as part of Diabetes Week (14-20 June 2021)

This week is Diabetes Week and there’s lots of different ways you can get involved. This year’s theme focuses on sharing #DiabetesStories and celebrating the diabetes community.

This week we are sharing the stories of people who have been part of the life-changing Low Calorie Diet programme for those with Type 2 diabetes. 


The Low Calorie Diet Programme supports people with Type 2 diabetes to lead a healthier lifestyle, reduce diabetes medicines and even achieve diabetes remission. Frimley Health and Care Integrated Care System (ICS) is one of 10 national test sites for the programme, which gives advice on healthier eating, lifestyle changes and physical activity to help people achieve their goals.

Low calorie diet - an ‘absolutely fantastic’ programme 

Surrey Heath resident Samantha from Windlesham is now 14 weeks into her Low Calorie Diet journey – losing over 16kg in weight and reducing her blood glucose levels. Samantha had the added challenge of having COVID-19 during the total diet replacement phase, which involves 12 weeks of low calorie shakes and soups. Samantha recommends the programme to others and says: “It is a great way to take control of and improve your health."

See Samantha's full story below...

Timothy, from Lightwater, has also been part of NHS Low Calorie Diet programme and has seen some amazing changes since starting his journey. In the beginning Timothy said he did struggle, but that he was spurred on by the initial weight loss. He’s now 15 weeks in and has lost more than 18kg.

Timothy adds: “Simply the programme is brilliant. The weight loss is the biggest thing for me, as once I got through the initial feeling of being hungry it was good and now I just feel better physically and mentally and I feel I’m getting stronger by the day.”

See Timothy's full story below...

Programme video case studies 

  • You can also watch a short video which includes feedback from two more patients about their experience so far - including a participant whose diabetes is now in remission - below...


Low calorie diet programme more information

If you would like to find out more about the Low Calorie diet programme, including whether you may be eligible, find out more on the Xyla health and wellbeing Frimley Patient Information page. You can only be referred to the programme by your GP, so you will need to approach your GP to discuss your suitability for the programme.

Diabetes Week - get involved and find out more 

If you would like to get involved in Diabetes Week, you can:

Want to know more about diabetes? There’s lots of information on our website, including information to help people living with diabetes manage their condition, as well as to help others work out their risk of developing diabetes.

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