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A new structure to health and care from today - 1st July, 2022

Integrated Care Systems now have legal powers and responsibilities as they work to improve the health and wellbeing of their residents by bringing health and social care together.

Newly created structures will oversee different functions of the systems, ensuring the community and voluntary sector, local authority and NHS are all represented.

The aim of the new way of working is not only to provide individual people with better, joined-up treatment, but also to look into broader reasons for certain people or communities experiencing more ill-health and devising plans to tackle those reasons.

East Berkshire, Surrey Heath, Farnham and North East Hampshire are all part of the Frimley Health and Care Integrated Care System. From today the system includes:

  • The Frimley Public Services Partnership – bringing local authorities together with the NHS to help explore the wider factors involved in health and helping to reduce health inequality.
  • NHS Frimley, or the Frimley Integrated Care Board – led by NHS, local authority and primary care (GP) representatives and responsible for the planning and funding of most health services provided to the area’s 800,000 people. NHS Frimley will also take on some services previously held by NHS England, such as community pharmacy, optometry and dentistry.
  • The Frimley Provider Collaborative – made up of organisations providing services, such as NHS Trusts.

You can find out more about the different parts of the system by clicking here.

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