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Making the most of community resources

Community Asset Based Development

Helping communities to sustainably drive their own development is a key way to maximise the strengths of local areas. Asset Based Community Development can be used to build on the assets which are already present within the community and to also mobilise individuals, associations and institutions.  The key is to use what is already in the community, rather than concentrating on identifying and servicing needs.

Communities should be thought of as diverse and capable, with rich pools of assets, as opposed to complex masses of needs and issues. There are many strengths, assets and capabilities to communities, which are driven by good relationships and can empower people who live there to change things for the better, making a positive impact on local people's health and wellbeing.

The Frimley Health and Care Prevention Programme has supported and funded the development of community based opportunities for health improvement across the ICS area.  This not only enhances physical health outcomes, but also mental well-being and social connectedness.

Going forward, supporting community development work will continue to be a core theme of the Frimley Health & Care ICS Prevention Programme. We will always make sure we do prevention work WITH local people rather than TO them.  This will help make communities their own best source of health improvement, and by doing so, offer the scale and sustainability that today’s health and care system needs.

Developing your community

To help you develop community assets in your area there is a really helpful tool which can be used from our fellow integrated care system in Manchester

About the Forever Manchester Toolkit 

“The Forever Manchester Toolkit is a collection of some techniques we’ve learnt that can help increase participation, discover new project ideas and forge even more connections between people where you live. As these tools have been learnt from the community, you may already use some of them in what you do, others may be a twist on something you’ve tried and some will be completely new. All the tools are worth trying, and as we go through we’ll explain the benefits we’ve seen of carrying out each one and what you can expect to see happen as a result of using them. You can follow each step in order or pick and choose tools that you like the look of. Also feel free to adapt and change any to suit you, your group and your community”

You can access the toolkit here Forever Manchester Community Toolkit

You can find out about activities near you by clicking on the following links: