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Following on from the successful #MovingCan campaign in August 2018 we are now launching #MovingIs starting on the 13th May 2019. #MovingIs is a 7 day long social media campaign aimed at helping people find their motivation to overcome the most common barriers to getting more active. 

We know it can be hard to find your motivation

When considering a lifestyle change you might want to think about two crucial things: How important is it for you to make the change and how confident are you that you can. 

Last year's #MovingCan campaign provided information on the mental and physical health benefits of exercise. You should also ask yourself why its important for you personally to be healthier, fitter and more active - why not use the personal plan highlighted below to make a list and pin it on the fridge!

This year we hope the #MovingIs campaign will help you find your motivation and build your confidence to make a change and get involved. Remember to follow the daily tweets from 13th May and share your experiences #MovingIs Twitter feed

Its easy to let life get in the way and be a barrier to becoming more active. 

During this campaign we will be exploring 7 different barriers or 'roadblocks' to becoming more active.

"If you don't make time for exercise you will have to make time for illness"

"If the effects of exercise could be bottled, it would be the medicine of the century".

Don't struggle on alone

You are not alone in finding it difficult to become active but there is a lot of great support and advice around to help you. We have added some great links here to get you started and best of all they are free.

Get Active in 10 

Get fit for free

Family Fun

Work out from home with NHS recommended fitness videos

Make a personal plan

You can find out about activities near you by clicking on the following links: