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Shared care record

Helping people to tell their story once by implementing a shared care record that is accessible to professionals across the footprint

This programme of work is aimed at improving care through the introduction of our Shared Care Record.   By having the ability to access the relevant information at the point of contact with the patients and residents, health and care professionals will be able to make the best decision for that individual, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of decision-making, improving outcomes for our people, and supporting them to be healthier and more independent for longer.

Connected Care is the name of the new clinical system for sharing information about a patient's health and social care records across different organisations.

The system currently enables instant, secure access to patient and social care records across Berkshire, with neighbouring partners’ information from Hampshire and Surrey becoming part of the system soon.

The ‘Share Your Care’ campaign is currently running to help people understand the benefits of the new system and encourage them to participate in bringing together all their data in one place to have a more straightforward patient experience.

Connected Care is making a difference to people across Berkshire as they only have to tell their story once. Connecting care records across our health and social care system will also help  to achieve safer and faster treatment, reduce duplication of tests and results, reduce unplanned admissions and improved discharge times, and a provide a joined-up approach to the care people receive.

Staff will also benefit from spending less time having to check patient details on different systems.

You can find out more about Connected Care at