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Supporting good Mental Health

Frimley Health and Care places a strong focus on supporting good mental and physical health for its population. We are supporting the delivery of the NHS Five Year Forward View for Mental Health and our local transforming care plans for people with learning disabilities.

We will/want:

  • work together with our local communities to facilitate straightforward access to care and support as early as possible.
  • deliver effective and compassionate care which connects people’s mind, body and social context to enable them to live the best life possible.
  • people to be given choice about the type of treatment and care they receive and where they receive it. We will work to offer a seamless transition between children and adult mental health and learning disabilities services as well as primary and secondary care.
  • to ensure that the work we do as a system adds value to the local achievements and improves the health inequalities this group of people experience.

The system wide Mental Health programme will also support the delivery of the transforming care plans (TCPs) across the footprint. The TCP is a national programme to develop community services, improve access to physical healthcare and reduce inappropriate inpatient admissions for people with Learning Difficulties and/or Autism and ensure more people get a Care, (Education) and Treatment Review. These priorities will all be delivered as a system.

What will services look by the end of March 2020?

People who use secondary care mental health services will continue to receive safe and  good quality services. They should receive this care in the right place at the right time and when they need support for their physical health they can access this at the same time. If people are admitted to inpatient care you are less likely to have to go out of area for your inpatient care as we reduce the number of out of area placements.

People in primary care who need support for their mental health should be able to access this quickly and with reduced waiting times. In this year we want to develop a new service model and ask people their views on what this will look like.  We want to ensure that people who access mental health services in a crisis will receive a high quality and timely service and that when they feel in crisis they are able to access support rather than waiting for professionals to refer them for additional support.