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How pulse oximeters can help patients with Coronavirus

What is a pulse oximeter?

A pulse oximeter is a small device that clips on your finger to check your heartrate and the level of oxygen in your blood.

Why should you use one?

In the first Covid-19 peak, UK clinicians reported seeing patients arrive for assessment sometimes without significant symptoms, but with extremely low oxygen levels – occasionally life-threatening to a patient. They wondered if the patient had presented earlier, could the outcome have been different.

Low levels of oxygen in your blood can be a sign you're getting worse even though you may not feel breathless or have any other symptoms. A pulse oximeter can help you spot this, so you can get help quickly.

Using your pulse oximeter at home

How to purchase a pulse oximeter

  • You can purchase a pulse oximeter from a range of reputable online retailers and larger pharmacies e.g. Boots

If you're using a pulse oximeter at home, make sure it has a CE mark, UKCA mark or CE UKNI mark. This means that the device is safe if used correctly.

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