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Communication resources for system partners

It's important that Frimley Health and Care partners are able to share messages through their organisations, with their patients, service users and with their staff.

This section of the website will be used to host various materials relating to different health and care campaigns.

You can download the assets for each campaign and share via your social media channels, websites and newsletters. 

Platinum Jubilee weekend 

With celebrations planned over the Platinum Jubilee weekend, we have to plan for an expected increase in demand to services. 

Please use the resources below across your channels  to remind local residents  to be prepared in the lead up to the bank holiday, raise awareness of local pharmacy opening times during this period and a reminder to celebrate with care and if you need medical advice to contact NHS 111 online first.

Campaign Assets
Platinum Jubilee weekend  Web copy/press release
Social media copy
Image GP practices will be closed plan ahead Facebook/Instagram
Image GP practices will be closed plan ahead Twitter
Image pharmacy opening times Facebook/Instagram
Image pharmacy opening times Twitter
Image celebrate with care - plan ahead Facebook/Instagram
Image celebrate with care - plan ahead Twitter 
Know where to go if unwell - Facebook/Instagram
Know where to go if unwell - Twitter
Pharmacy if you are feeling unwell Image social media

May Measurement Month

Health and care services across Frimley Health and Care are raising awareness about the importance of knowing your numbers and regularly checking your blood pressure.

Helping people to tackle the hidden danger of high blood pressure is part of Frimley Health and Care’s ‘Living Well’ ambition, which is a programme aimed at supporting all people to have the opportunity to live healthier lives, no matter where they live or what their circumstances are. The ambition is for everyone to have more years of healthy life, with more opportunities in education, work, accommodation, with healthier lifestyle choices and increased wellbeing.

We have developed a number of resources to support this campaign so please share them across all of your channels and across your networks. 

Campaign Assets
May Measurement Month Web copy/newsletter copy
Social media copy
Press release
Image - do you know your numbers? 
Image Know your numbers 1
Image Know your numbers 2
Digital screen - do you know your numbers?
World hypertension day gif
World hypertension day image
Video: Do you know your numbers? Know how to manage your blood pressure 
Video: Do you know your numbers? The importance of checking your blood pressure 
Video: Do you know your numbers? How to take your blood pressure reading at home
Video: Do you know your numbers? How lifestyle changes can help lower blood pressure 

Think NHS 111 first

Help play your part and think NHS 111 First when you need urgent, but not life-threatening, care, to help manage demand on urgent and emergency care services this winter.

Campaign Assets
NHS 111 communications  Web copy
Social media copy
Digital screen PDF
NHS 111 image (when GP closed use NHS 111 online)
NHS111 Video
NHS 111 image 1
NHS 111 image 2
NHS 111 image 3
NHS 111 image 4
NHS 111 know where to go image 1
NHS 111 know where to go image 2


Winter pressures on the NHS are well recognised and we all have a responsibility to help ensure that emergency services are used appropriately.

“Pharmacies continued to be open throughout the pandemic and remain a vital lifeline for their communities. Many people are unaware of the wide range of services available from their local pharmacist. 

We have developed a specific communications pack to remind residents that local pharmacists are trained medical professional who can provide free advice on the best treatment for a wide range of illnesses and minor ailments.

We have developed web copy, social media messages, images and a video.

Campaign Assets
Pharmacy communications  Web copy
Social media copy
Pharmacy video 
Image of James Martin - Pharmacist
Pharmacy image 1
Pharmacy image 2

Minor Injuries Unit Bracknell 

Across Frimley Health and Care that there is a Minor Injuries Unit at Bracknell Healthspace. Available 7 days a week, 8am-8pm, as well as x-ray services (except for Saturday’s). This service is available to all residents, no matter where they live, and even if they may need to travel a little further than their nearest A&E, they will most likely be seen and treated a lot faster at the minor injuries unit.


Campaign Assets
Minor Injuries Unit Bracknell Web copy
Social media copy
Minor Injury Unit Bracknell video 
Minor Injury image 1
Minor Injury image 2

Knowing where to go when feeling unwell campaign

Knowing where to turn when you’re not well is important - It can help you to access the advice and support you need more quickly, saving you wasted time and journeys and reducing your anxiety.

That’s why we have produced information to help local residents. From a headache, through burns and scalds, mental health issues, right up to life-threatening emergencies, the information contains advice on a wide range of potential problems.

Campaign Assets
Know where to go when feeling unwell
Social media messages
Website and newsletter copy
Overall campaign poster
Know where to go video 
Know where to go video 2
Self-care graphic (Instagram)
Self-care graphic (Twitter & Facebook)
Pharmacist graphic (Instagram)
Pharmacist graphic (Twitter & Facebook)
111 graphic (Instagram)
111 graphic (Twitter & Facebook)
GP surgery graphic (Instagram)
GP surgery graphic (Twitter & Facebook)
Minor injuries graphic (Instagram)
Minor injuries graphic (Twitter & Facebook)
999 & A&E graphic (Instagram)
999 & A&E graphic (Twitter & Facebook)

NHS Frimley Healthier Together

It can be extremely stressful when a child is unwell.

The NHS Frimley Healthier Together website provides information to help recognise what might be wrong, where to seek help if required, what you should do to keep your child comfortable and how long a child's symptoms may last.

The assets below can be used for websites and social media to raise awareness of the NHS Frimley Healthier Together website. 

Campaign Assets
Healthier Together - Support for children, young people, their families and carers Social media messages
Healthier Together video 
Know where to go when your child is unwell (Instagram)
Know where to go when feeling unwell (Facebook)
Cough, cold or fever 1 (Instagram)
Cough, cold or fever 2 (Instagram)
Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) (Instagram)
Self care (Instagram)
Your child's health needs (Instagram)

NHS primary care staff respect

Incidents of verbal abuse, aggressive behaviour and staff attacks at GP practices across our region are on the rise and having a serious impact on the wellbeing and mental health of our healthcare professionals.

Please share the resources below across channels. 

Campaign Assets
NHS primary care staff respect Press release
Image for Facebook
Image for Twitter
Digital display screen poster
A4 poster

Mental Health services awareness

When we’re feeling worried, down or busy caring for others, it’s even more important to look after ourselves. Mental health and wellbeing is important to us all.

One in four people will experience problems with their mental health during their lives.

There are a range of services available to support local people in maintaining good mental wellbeing and addressing any problems as they arise.

The assets below can be used for websites and social media to raise awareness of local services available to support.

Campaign Assets
Mental Health services awareness Social media messages
Web copy
Image of services in North East Hampshire and Farnham
Image of services in Bracknell Forest 
Image of services in Slough
Image of services in Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead
Image of services in Surrey Heath and Ash 
Talking therapies image
Talking therapies image 2

Know where to go when feeling unwell flow chart

It’s important that we all know where to turn when we or someone we care for needs help.

As demand for NHS services increases, particularly when services are under considerable pressure, it is important that you are seen and supported by the appropriate service for your health concern.

Frimley Health and Care have produced a flow chart which can help you determine which service you need. By following this simple flow chart, you can feel confident you are choosing the right service for your health concern whether it’s during working hours, in the evening or at weekends.  


Campaign Assets
Know where to go when feeling unwell flow chart Web copy
Social media copy
Flow chart PDF version for web
Flow chart PDF version for printing
Flow chart Jpg version
Know where to go video

Your GP Practice is working differently

The pandemic is not over. GP practices are open and have been throughout, however to protect everyone, they must maintain safe infection control and minimise unnecessary physical contact. Since lockdown restrictions eased we have been experiencing unprecedented demand on our services.

That’s why we have produced information to help local residents understand why their GP practices are working differently. 


Campaign Assets
Your GP Practice is working differently Infographic  PDF version
Social media copy
Web/Newsletter copy
Your GP practice is working differently image for social media
I want to see my GP image
Triage image
Why do receptionists ask personal questions image

Information on visiting hospital - Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust 

Emergency Departments are under extreme pressure, and staff are working hard to ensure that people get the treatment they need as quickly as possible.

The below campaign assets support the know where to go when feeling unwell campaign and ask people to consider alternatives such as calling NHS 111, visiting their local pharmacy, GP or a minor injury service before visiting A&E.

Campaign Videos
Information on visiting hospital
(Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust)
Help us see you safely
Know where to go - Frimley Park Hospital A&E
Know where to go - Wexham Park Hospital A&E