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Frimley Academy

The Academy was launched in May 2018 on the back of the success of our flagship 20/20 Leadership Programme. It has been developed to encourage and cultivate leaders in our health and care system, creating a network of innovative, empowered and influential leaders working at the coal face, to make change happen. This ensures that they can work across traditional organisational boundaries and positively impact the local population and communities.

The Academy is directly accountable to the Frimley Health and Care ICS Board. It has an Executive Board, which is responsible for identifying priorities for the system; it also manages and sustains the Academy programmes.  It also has an Advisory Board which provides oversight, support and challenge to guide the Academy. The Improvement Network supports the Academy with expertise and experience from leaders within the system.

As it grows, the Academy will continue to progress, building on the Improvement Network, and continuing to roll out the 20/20 Leadership Programme, Wavelength and other programmes and initiatives. Our aspiration is to embed quality improvement in each organisation and translate leadership into real, tangible, and local improvements in health and wellbeing.


Helping our staff to stay well through the Covid-19 pandemic


Academy Programmes
20/20 Leadership Programme
Wavelength Programme
Responsible Leadership


Walking in each other's shoes


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