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Frimley 10-100

What is the Frimley 10:100 Programme?

There have always been health inequalities in certain sections of our society.  Covid19 has highlighted health inequalities within our communities and our ambition is to bring together a diverse group of confident, passionate and motivated individuals from across the Frimley Integrated Care System (ICS) to co-design an innovative health inequalities leadership programme for the Frimley 100.

The NHS England and Improvement System Transformation team had some funding of £65k available and it became the funding for an idea that the Academy had, to harness momentum to tackle health inequalities within our system, and so the Frimley 10:100 Programme came into being.

The Frimley ICS is facing unprecedented challenges, and the future of the NHS, Social Care, Voluntary Services and Charities depends on a number of factors - effective and innovative leadership recognised as one of them.

Locally at place, we need leaders to support new ways of working and for those leaders to be given permission and freedom to develop innovative solutions for our communities at place.

The Frimley 10:100 is a unique and very ambitious programme, as it is a placed-based approach to developing local system leaders. It will bring together colleagues, both clinicians and managers from across the health, social care and voluntary sector to develop courageous and innovative system changes to address health inequalities, that can work with local communities to grow the solutions that will work for them and become sustainable. The scalability of this programme to other systems - into something like a social movement, would be our ideal goal.  The main objective being, local community outcomes, to improve lives.