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Walking in each other's shoes

“Walking in each other’s shoes” Programme

WHO: looking for clinical volunteers from across Primary and Secondary Care. To spend ½ a day in each other’s environment to understand the challenges and provide feedback regarding the learning and experience.

WHY: to foster deeper partnerships between all of our clinicians, an appreciation of the challenges we all face, and ignite opportunities for innovation and quality improvement. We also hope to increase Compassionate Leadership.

WHAT: a deeper understanding of perspectives and roles will lead to improved working relationships that will influence patient care.

HOW: Please contact Tracy London to be find out more information and what’s involved with this programme: or or call 01252 335 719.

If you would like to participate in the programme click here for a form.

For further information on the programme you can download a PowerPoint presentation by clicking on the below image.

Download a programme launch poster with this information here.