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Digital leadership all on the same Wavelength

Wavelengthers’ at the programme’s launch event at Microsoft’s UK headquarters

Technology is not just an essential tool for today’s health and care services, it is shaping the services of tomorrow.

The Frimley Health and Care ICS has committed itself to harnessing the benefits of digital technology, launching Wavelength to develop the leadership required to do this.

Wavelength brings together clinical, operational and IT staff from across the ICS to support them to break down barriers both inside and between organisations, to explore possibilities for improving the health and care delivered to communities by aligning digital strategies, developing a network of role models and investing in people.

The end result is intended to be closer partnership working on digital matters, a network of technology role models that spans the ICS, and a professional digital culture across the system.

Recruits were selected following applications from across the ICS’ partner organisations to take part in the course, which focuses on leadership development, on learning through experience - with support from local corporate, community and academic organisations - on building a digital community and on mentoring and coaching.

Programme Director Sharon Boundy said: “I’m utterly inspired by the conversations that have been sparked and I’m really pleased at how it’s going.

“This is a great opportunity to work in partnership with healthcare and digital leaders in the way we transform and provide healthcare to residents, and as we move into working more as an Integrated Care System we need to be in a space where all of our leaders take responsibility for thinking: ‘How can we do this digitally?’”