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Community Nursing

Community nurses carry out a huge range of vital work with patients in the community every day and includes district nurses, community matrons and specialist nurses.

District nurses are senior nurses who manage care within a community setting. They lead teams of community nurses and support workers, as well as visiting house-bound patients to provide advice and care such as palliative care, wound management, catheter and continence care and medication support. Further support and development will be available to undertake professional skills.

Community matrons and specialist nurses also work with people in their own homes and in community clinics. These nurses will have undergone additional training in their specialist field; will hold specialist qualifications as well as a prescribing qualification which allows them to prescribe any medication within their scope of practice.

For more information about community nursing see the Queen’s Nursing Institute website whose vision is that “all people are provided with the best possible nursing care, by the right nurse with the right skills, in homes and communities, whenever and wherever it is needed”.

Why become a community nurse?

Community nursing is unique as it allows the nurse to fully embrace holistic care. You not only get to know the patient, but family, friends, pets and of course the local milkman! You have greater autonomy in the way you treat and manage patients and are usually part of a team of not only community nurses but often other allied health care professionals, voluntary sector and social care.

How do I become a community nurse?

Getting into community nursing couldn’t be easier, as community nursing teams include health care assistants, associate practitioners and registered nurses, and information on how to access training for these roles can be obtained here.

To find out more information about community nursing in Frimley Health and Care ICS you can contact:

Susan Joyce
Regional Operational Manager Adult Community Services North East Hampshire, Farnham and Surrey Heath
Virgin Care

Heidi Ilsley
Deputy Director of Nursing
Berkshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

Fran Campbell
Head of Service Community
Frimley Health Foundation Trust