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Learning Disabilities Nursing

If you’ve ever considered working as a learning disability nurse, are looking to make your next career move in this area, or if you’d like to understand a little bit more about what’s involved, please read on.

This rewarding area will see you working with people with learning disabilities, their families, carers and other health and social care professionals.

We know that people with learning disabilities have greater health care needs, are likely to have multiple conditions and sadly often die prematurely from preventable causes. As a learning disability nurse, you will use your specialist knowledge and skills to work with children and/or adults to reduce health inequalities and offer them the very best physical and mental healthcare, and support their overall wellbeing. 

Learning disability nurses work in a variety of settings including community teams, assessment and treatment services, child and adolescent mental health services, paediatric services, school nursing, acute liaison and health facilitation and the criminal justice system. And this list is ever-growing, with learning disability nurses now being recruited into a range of services due to their clinical skill set and person-centred approach to delivering care. 

You can expect opportunities for career progression into

  • operational leadership – such as becoming a senior nurse, ward manager or health lead
  • advanced clinical roles – such as consultant practitioners, and
  • clinical education careers – such as lecturer practitioners and clinical practice educators.

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