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Useful links

Frailty resources: The NHS national website resources on frailty
End of life care in frailty: Resources from the British Geriatrics Society in caring for the health of older people as they move towards the end of their lives
Keeping older people safe and well at home: A series of guides hosted by the British Geriatrics Society, all aimed at supporting older people to stay well - particularly relevant during COVID-19
Coronavirus and older people: This resource series brings together current advice from experts within the British Geriatrics Society relating to older people and the current COVID-19 pandemic.
Home/Community support: Support available in the community.
Nursing resources: Information from the Royal College of Nursing to support those working with older people
Clinical Frailty Scale (CFS) App: The app is designed for frontline colleagues to download for use on mobile devices, to undertake clinical frailty scoring with patients in real time.

Fire & Rescue Service Safe and Well Visits: