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Vaccination programme drop-in sessions

Vaccination Programme Drop-in Sessions

As part of our drive to retain as many of the staff who joined our system as part of the Covid-19 Vaccination Programme, the System Workforce Bureau have coordinated several Drop-in Sessions with system partners. These drop-in sessions provide an opportunity for staff to engage directly with employers to talk through the many opportunities that are available, including the pathways to apply and whether there are any pre-requisites needed, flexibility of the roles to suit our agile workforce, and exploration of any developmental/ career enhancing pathways for those who may be seeking them.

Drop-in Sessions will commence on Friday 15th July, and will continue to run on a weekly basis, with the last one scheduled on Friday 19th August. All will be recorded and subsequently added below:

Watch our drop-in sessions videos now

15th July 2022

22nd July 2022

29th July 2022