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Your health and care information

Health and care services work together to provide joined-up services for you and other people locally.  To do this well health and care professionals need access to accurate and up-to-date information to help make the best decisions about your care.

There are several systems for sharing health and care information. Information is shared between health and care staff and the organisations they work for. The sort of information that is shared includes:

  • illnesses you have
  • your treatment and care
  • test results
  • medicines you are taking
  • your allergies
  • information about hospital appointments and admissions.


How you can access your information?

In Frimley and West Berkshire we are developing an app that will let you see your health and care information from a range of organisations including your GP, local hospital, and mental health and community services.

We hope that this app will support you to manage your own health and care and help keep information accurate and up-to-date.

It will be accessible on a phone or laptop and will allow you to see relevant information such as your appointments and your health history.  It will also allow you to input information that you feel is important that health and care professionals (HCPs) know about you. 

The app is currently being used to allow some patients who have been diagnosed with Covid-19 to report and monitor their symptoms.

This app is currently being tested with a small number of residents and will be more widely available this year.


Download the NHS App

You can download the NHS App. This shows some data held by your GP, like your allergies and medicines that you take. It also allows you to do other things like book appointments with your GP.


Ask Your Care Provider

Contact the Data Protection Officer at the organisation providing your care. This could be your local hospital or GP practice. Details of how to do this can be found on the organisation’s website. If you ask to see your data, you should get a reply within one month. If it is complicated to reply, you should be told how long it will take. Their final reply should be made within three months of your request.


Using health and care data for planning and research

This short film describes how health and care information can be used to improve care for everyone

Health and care planners and researchers use health and care information about all the patients in an area. They use this information to:

  • understand more about disease
  • develop new treatments
  • monitor safety
  • plan services
  • see if NHS policy is working.

When data is used for planning and research it is usually de-personalised or anonymised. This means that information that identifies who you are is removed.

There are strict rules about how your information can be used and your rights to object to its use. These can be found here: